Outsourcing 'buy side'

ServiceFrame has proved its value time and again to Enterprises relying on 3rd party Service Provider for Outsourced Services. ServiceFrame has been implemented in a very wide range of scenarios, from IT and BPO to much more general business services. Anywhere there is a contract for Services to be Delivered and Service Levels to be met there is potential for ServiceFrame to add value.

Our clients tell us that the consistency of approach and measurement that ServiceFrame enables allows them arrive at a much more transparent understanding of Supplier Performance. Subjectivity, Bias and memories of previous experience no longer dominate service reviews. Clear evidence delivers insights and assessments of value delivery alongside a unit price comparison allow for better balanced and more effective Supplier management.

Performance management becomes a much tighter and more controlled discipline and Supplier relationships deliver greater added value to the business.

With its workflow, automation and integration features ServiceFrame empowers supplier managers and gives Enterprise leadership great visibility on the supplier value proposition.

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